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IP Video technology will revolutionize the way people and organizations will collaborate, monitor, purchase, and communicate globally.


The Web-based remote IP video camera and content management platform leverages existing IP network Infrastructure; our standards-based software only solution facilitates simplified integration with Access Control, POS, CRM, Biometrics, RFID by taking advantage of  XML interfaces.

The New IP Video Revolution is all about applying web-based Internet IP Video solutions that require no special hardware or client software to multiple vertical markets and offering to our partner's new incremental and revenue sharing opportunities.

The statistics are clear: The IP Video Revolution is here !    

Broadband Connectivity:

Broadband is one of the fastest adopted products/services in the telecommunication history.

Remote Viewing:

The majority of Internet household rate remote viewing monitoring capability as extremely useful.

Internet Sales:
Today 33% of all households make at least one online purchase each year and is predicted to increase to over 40% by 2009. Internet sales in 2004 totaled $87.5 Billion up 25% from 2003.
Mission Statement:
Our mission statement is to be the leading source of development for facilitating the convergence of IP technologies by simplifying IP device integration for multiple vertical market applications that include Retail - POS Integration, Live one-on-one IP Video Commerce, Central Monitoring Station, Security and Monitoring Services, Enterprise and Hosted Residential/Small Business Solutions.

Expanding Beyond Security

A distributed architecture IP video platform based on Web Services 2.0 designed to provide the Small & Medium Business (SMB) and Consumer clients of broadband service providers as well as enterprises and government with the only scalable and cost effective Linux or Windows based networked video monitoring and surveillance solution


What YouTube did for personal video, EX4U IP Video will do for business video via it’s

  • Web Services 2.0 distributed architecture provides for managed services on a hosted and or site license basis
  • XML standards for the interoperability of IP devices i.e. cameras, access control, sensors…that
    • support intelligent cameras that allow for the capture and storage of high mega-pixel images locally with remote viewing and real time archiving and image distribution within the strictest of firewall environments
    • provide a single user interface for viewing cameras including digital PTZ functions in the new mega-pixel IP cameras
    • address the challenges associated with installation and support of IP based video devices


  • Java Based Linux and Window Compliant
  • Scalable, Open Architecture with No Proprietary Hardware
  • Web Services 2.0 Distributed Architecture
  • Managed Services on a hosted and or site license basis
  • XML Standards Based for Interoperability of IP Devices
    • XML Self Discovery and Automated Configuration
    • Single user interface for viewing cameras including digital PTZ functions in the new mega-pixel IP cameras
    • Automatic Alerts and Event Notification
    • Remote viewing and real time archiving and image distribution within the strictest of firewall environments
    • Addresses the Issues Related to Intelligent Video Recording and Management, Storage Location, Remote Viewing,Resizing, Resampling and Archiving or Deleting

Our Value Proposition

  • A Distributed Network Architecture is the key to building high value,scalable Video over IP solutions for recurring pricing opportunities within the small and medium business market
    • Video over IP becomes essential to real-time information gathering and decision making
    • Video becomes a real-time decision making tool, not just an after-incident forensic tool for
    • Integration with other applications, such as analytics, access control,intrusion detection, biometrics, retail video data mining
    • Scaling capacity is a solved problem, by adding standard hardware for servers, storage, networks

Why EX4U IP Video?
  • Only requires a broadband connection, IP video camera and an internet browser
  • Full DVR features without the need for a DVR
  • Fully automated – Subscriber logs on and chooses the services
  • Subscriber choice of services: live video or live video and recording billed per three month, half year or year
  • Allows a customer, and only the customer, to look into their premises using a web browser via a secure and encrypted Internet connection
  • Expandable
  • Future proof, user-friendly and cost-effective
  • Enhanced lifestyle and better business management
  • Opens new markets beyond security
  • Create new revenue opportunities
  • OEM Branding Program Available
  • No cost to begin offering new services
  • Open platform, that can be integrated with other security equipment
  • Solves the Issues of Scalability, Cost Performance and Convergence
  • Legacy DVR Integration possible

EX4U® IP Video Services for Residential, Small Business to Large Organizations
Serving the Needs from One to Many!

Residential/ Consumer:
View your Family, Home, Possessions, Distant Family and Parents from anywhere or anytime Share your precious moments with Distant Friends & Family with LIVE secure IP Video Viewing.

Monthly Consumer Services: Up to 4 - IP Cameras/ 10 Users.
Simple and Easy Monthly Programs - Learn More!

Small Business:
Monitor you profits 24/7...View your Employees, Assets, Inventory, POS, Merchandise Compliance, Live hands on training and trouble shooting is just a click away!

Hosted ASP Small to Mid Size Businesses: 5 IP Cameras per location, 5 Users and 3 MG Storage.
Provides Flexible and Scalable Monthly Business Service Solutions - Learn More!

Enterprise/Government/Central Monitoring:
"Smart Surveillance" affords the ability to instantly view, record, manage cameras and video content from multiple locations from a single logon on and single screen. - Learn More!

Partner Opportunities: Vars/Network Integrators - Broadband Providers - Consumer Affiliate Programs Earn Monthly Recurring Revenue Selling EX4U® IP Video!

It's very Profitable - Unlimited recurring monthly revenue potential. - Learn More!

Business Development and Marketing Opportunities: Reseller Channels, Co-Branding available, Bundled Offering with Device MFG Bundled, Offering w/ Broadband Providers. - Learn More!

ASP Hosted Consumer/ Small Business Services, Central Monitoring Station/ Enterprise Solutions - Security, Surveillance, Retail Contact, Sales and Support Centers, POS, Compliance Merchandising, IP Video Teleconferencing, E-Commerce and emerging Video Commerce, to name a few. Learn More!

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