VSAT   Very Small Aperture Terminal


EX4U Telecom is an international service provider and a specialist systems integrator in the sphere of satellite communications, providing VSAT networks, communications infrastructure, applications, and satellite capacity around the globe.

These services are packaged with our Solutions, designed to add business value to basic connectivity, and delivered through our global teleport network five state-of-the-art satellite facilities (NOCs/HUBs) strategically positioned around the world.

We work with the broadest range of network providers in the industry, including: Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, Eutelsat, Intelsat, Loral, New Skies, SES Americom and Satmex5 and with over 800 GSM networks in more than 200 countries

vsat_circuit_commencement.jpg   Components

The three major components are the antenna, the transceiver and the modem. We offer the choice of new or refurbished equipment. Whatever the choice, we have them checked for working condition, but also for completeness
vsat_frequency.gif   Frequency

Whatever business you're in, we can help you decide which type of satellite coverage and frequency band you need.
vsat_dish_satellite.jpg   Coverage

The VSAT service brings you the benefits of the worlds' most extensive and secure satellite communications network. Integrating 53 satellites with the GXS infrastructure of 20,000+ miles of fiber optic, 8 teleports and 50+ PoPs, this global network enables you to meet the communications requirements of your business and customers with ease and confidence, anywhere they are located - whether at home, in the office or on the move.


VSAT Latin America & Caribbean - Specifications

We provide Internet connectivity via satellite for ISP's, Networks, Business & Residencial, Internet cafes & other customers requiring high-speed Broadband access. Here is an overview of  VSAT components and coverage for Latin America and the Caribbean.




VSAT 1,2 - 3,8m mobile Auto-Acquiring

To meet the increasing demand for mobile communication services we have developed a drive-away auto-acquiring system for medium and large size VSATs (1,2m - 3,8m size).
This system can be mounted on top of a car or installed on a trailer depending on the personal requirements.  Also a fix installation is available.

sales_handshake.jpg   One Stop Shop

EX4U offers complete communication systems from VSAT earth stations toturn key satellite networks.

Terminal Sales

Terminals and Equipment - FOR SALE.

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