EX4U Telecom


Remote Video Monitoring and Surveillance from any Browser Based Device

Central Monitoring Stations
Remote asset protection, Remote Surveillance, Mobile monitoring and alarm verification and usage management, Centralized Viewing with assorted cameras and DVR brands onto one screen. Configurable to bandwith constraints, Network video recording (NVR) & content management, Central Monitoring Service Enabler, Video Profit Center, Video Validation, Virtual Guard Tours

Video Event Validation
EX4U IP Video uses "Intelligent Recording" which means that a camera will transmit a video image only when there is an "event" or pre-scheduled requirement, which may be less then 10% of the time, saving storage and bandwidth plus offers the vital tamper proof "Watermarking" for event validation.

Expand CCTV
IP video lowers the total cost of ownership as compared to legacy CCTV or analog video systems by leveraging the existing network infrastructure. Unlike, legacy CCTV analog systems, VP integrates with other IP technologies like access control, POS, CRM, RFID, as well as Power over Ethernet and other cost saving features.

Municipal/Government/Enterprise, Asset Monitoring & Security, B2B & Retail- Sales/Service Centers. POS, Merchandise Compliance, Central Monitoring Station, IP Video Teleconferencing.