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Grow Your Business from Anywhere, Anytime!

Who's watching your Retail Stores, Restaurant, Fast Food, Marina, Self-Storage Facility, Franchise or Service Business?

Have you ever noticed that the sales are always higher at the location where you are that day? You are not alone! It's a fact, while the boss is away... Sales Go Down, Customer Service Slips, POS - No Sales and Shrinkage goes up.

Monitor Your Profits 24/7 EX4Us Hosted ASP Services puts you back in control of your business no matter where you are or how many locations need your attention.

The Essence of EX4UŽ Hosted ASP Service Solution is?
  • Web-based remote IP video camera access, management/distribution software.
  • Designed for ease of use, low cost of entry, scalability.
  • Leverages existing IP Network infrastructure.
  • No special hardware, or client software.

EX4UŽ Only Requires:

Broadband Connection, an IP video camera, and any Standard Internet Browser that enables multiple users to securely and remotely access, control, and manage multiple IP cameras over any LAN or WAN network.
Available at an affordable price!

What is the Differentiation Point from CCTV Systems?
  • Ease of Set Up
  • Fast ROI
  • No Special Client Software
  • No Special Hardware
  • Remote Access from/to Multiple Locations
  • Multiple Organizations
  • Multiple Users
  • Single Secure Log on
  • Supports virtually all IP camera models
  • LAN/WAN based
  • Leverages Existing IP Network Infrastructure
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