YES Secure network provides high-level security solutions for the protection of highly sensitive data transmitted over public or private networks. We develop, produce and implement crypto-systems for organizations with maximum security demands in public authorities, banks, insurance companies and industrial enterprises.

We point out that there is no duplicate key for our products – in contrast to non-European products – which could have to be handed over to authorities in case of doubt. The user himself possesses and controls the security management. Our customers can thus be sure that there are no hidden backdoors through which third parties could access their sensitive data.

We demand our staff and products to meet high standards of reliability and quality. Some of our solutions have been approved or even certified according to the strict regulations of  different EU based Government Security Agencies.  Every single product goes through a quality assurance phase in which it is subject to a long-term test.


Strategic orientation

The security of your data is our job – we secure YOUR network.

We have always felt obliged to this principle from the beginning. We develop complex security solutions according to your specific requirements. In this context, we work in close cooperation with EU authorities and provide consulting with a view to present and future technological security demands.

With our product families CryptoGuard VPN, CryptoWall and CompuWall we concentrate on high-level security products. The core of our sophisticated technology is the central Security Management Station (SMS). This product portfolio makes us the only satellite and telecommunications provider for the all-over protection of data on network layer – centrally, flexibly and across locations.

Our service portfolio comprises the design, development, production and implementation of security solutions for medium-sized and large networks. We furthermore offer consulting services: IT security workshops and network studies.  Services such as installation, configuration, hotline and training make our portfolio complete.

New and further developments of our solutions are based on the demands and requirements of our customers. The experiences of our Professional Services department are taken into account with the aim to make our products particularly user-friendly. By recognizing market trends as well as risks and demands, our developers and market researchers contribute their knowledge to our road map.

Enterprise philosophy

Our philosophy is based on three central topics: customers, staff and quality.

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. To achieve this, we offer excellent services, dynamical developments and up-to-date technologies. Standard products and their features are designed according to our customers' demands, complex security solutions are developed according to customer-specific requirements.

We guarantee the quality of our products and services by relying on elaborate technologies that have been tried and tested for years, by permanently further developing our products and adjusting them to present and future requirements. Whenever we extend our portfolio by third-party products, we only choose solutions from leading and proven manufacturers.

Our staff is highly qualified and competent. We greatly emphasize the professional training and knowledge extension of our employees; their satisfaction is our concern. Our customers benefit from our staff's loyalty.

Certification, approval and experience

Generally acknowledged certificates set standards and provide confidence as they confirm the security properties of products and systems on the basis of proven criteria. Numerous security solutions developed by YES Secure secure networks have already been approved by independent certification authorities.

In 2004, the products CryptoGuard LAN Version 02/02/20 and Security Management Station (SMS) were certified for Information Security according to ITSEC E3/high. The public authority versions of the products CryptoGuard VPN 4000 and Security Management Station were especially developed for the transport of sensitive data over insecure networks. These products are approved for the use  VS-NfD by government authorities. A further developed CryptoGuard VPN version was classified as "NATO Restricted" in 2006. The "EU Restricted" version will be on the market before long.

YES Secure supports the certification of products by national authorities and institutions and the comprehensive check of specific source codes for loopholes and backdoors. Country-specific versions can be realized by replacing the crypto-mechanisms by national versions or by implementing the national standard crypto-algorithms. Special developments can also be realized according to the respective requirements of individual countries.

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YES Secure GSM, 3G, 4G, WiFi

YES Secure presents the latest encrypted mobile phone YES Secure technology, as ultimate solution to protect all GSM voice and SMS communications. Available on a new and very attractive device, our technology benefits from new audio hardware that ensures complete absence of echo, providing the best voice quality, comparable to that of a traditional phone call. Security is assured by the best public encryption algorithm, AES 256 with symmetric 256 bit keys.

The secret of the technology in our YES Secure GSM mobile is that it is very easy to use and yet extremely powerful.

After an initial automatic protocol phase during which key exchange and synchronization take place, the encrypted phone turns voice into data, encrypts it and splits it into small data-packets. Such data-packets are then transmitted in real-time through the standard GSM data channels until reaching the other device. Upon receiving the secure packets the other device performs data decryption, and assembles to the original audio on the device.

Summarizing, each crypto-phone device performs audio encryption and decryption in real time, giving the user the experience of a full-duplex encrypted voice communication, comparable to a normal phone call conversation.

Country specific algorithms and versions

  • Specific S-boxes for DES, ADES, 3DES and AES algorithms can be implemented fast and easily. You can furthermore check the software's source code on backdoors.

Network security to perfection

  • The trustful cooperation with you is part of our philosophy:  Do you have specific demands or ideas?  Please let us know – a flexible team is looking forward to you!


Product overview - Network

Our solution portfolio secures all complex communication connections within your organization. Our products do not have any backdoors nor duplicate keys, the security management remains completely in our customers' hands. Both state-of-the-art technologies – VPN and IPsec – are supported.



CryptoGuard VPN family – for secure Virtual Private Networks

The CryptoGuard VPN series protects your network flexibly, effectively and economically. The black boxes secure your communication on the IP or MAC level in local networks (10/100 Mbps or Gbps Ethernet) and in LAN couplings over WANs. They are multi-functional and provide encryption, packet filtering and management of rights by means of access lists as well as logbook functionalities.

From the user's point of view, CryptoGuard VPN works transparently, independently of terminal equipment and operating systems. The security system provides reliable protection against interception, espionage and manipulation and guarantees confidentiality and integrity by encrypting all sensitive data.

CryptoGuard VPN can either be configured and operated in the IPsec mode or in a special VPN mode; it is one of the globally leading products for the encryption of satellite connections. The systems are available in different sizes, according to our customers' demands for one, five or ten users, for 100 Mbps full-duplex data encryption and even for the encryption with Gigabit throughput.

Combination and compatibility

All members of the CryptoGuard VPN family are based on a hardened minimized operating system and designed for interoperability. They can thus be easily and economically integrated into existing network structures. The encryption components work invisibly to networks as well as to users and their applications – network adaptations are therefore not necessary. The solution is finished off by integrating the firewall systems into the overall concept. Security can thus be economically realized for an unlimited number of subsidiaries and branches with only one central management and with only those devices that are really needed at that specific moment.

CryptoWall – the only three-stage high-security firewall on the market

The components of the CryptoWall firewall system will be adjusted to your company's needs to meet your individual security requirements. The modular architecture ensures the seamless integration of features and realizes utmost network security. The CryptoWall system consists of the components Bastion (proxy-based firewall), CryptoGuard VPN and Security Management Station (SMS).

The CryptoWall is installed between the public and the private network, thus representing the "Common Point of Trust" for the transition between the networks. By means of the integrated encryption, your data will be securely transferred through the Internet, and the creation of Secure Virtual Private Networks (SVPNs) is enabled.

With the CryptoWall, a firewall arrangement for maximum security can be established: with access control, strong encryption, proxy technology, packet filtering and numerous options to control the data stream.

CompuWall – single-stage application layer firewall

The CompuWall is a firewall for all types of networks that is based on the highest security level for firewall architectures: the Application Gateway principle. It provides a top security standard with optimized performance and easy operability as it can be managed without broad knowledge of network security. SSL connections can be opened optionally in order to check them on viruses and malicious code. The CompuWall is equipped with antivirus software ( CLAM AV) and malicious-content check. The CompuWall's software is 100 percent based on the CryptoBastion software.

CompuMail Gateway

YES Secure introduces CompuMail Gateway, its newest product which has especially been developed for protection of e-mail communication. CompuMail Gateway is a software application that is centrally integrated into the SMTP chain. All incoming and outgoing e-mails are encrypted and decrypted by means of rules, e-mails are signed resp. signatures are checked.

E-mail traffic that is secured by CompuMail Gateway not only means prevention against industrial espionage but also protection of individual-related data and adherence of legal regulations as well as internal security policies. Current standards for e-mail security are supported.

The central protection of e-mail communication offers many advantages compared to conventional e-mail protection at the client. CompuMail Gateway is very easy to integrate and administrate. The YES Secure security solution for e-mail communication is transparent for the sender and automatically realizes intra-corporate security requirements. Sender and receiver may communicate via e-mail as usual; CompuMail Gateway guarantees the confidentiality of the contents.

CompuMail Gateway is suited for small installations as well as for redundant scenarios and for organization wide application in cluster mode.

Security Management Station (SMS) – central administration and configuration

With the Security Management Station (SMS), CryptoGuard VPN and CryptoWall are centrally managed. It serves you to configure the use of proxies and to define filter rules as well as cryptographically secured connections, with the rules being intelligently generated. The SMS receives alarm and status messages of the CryptoGuard VPN and components.

It is used for the key management and for the setup of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). The SMS communicates with the components to be managed in an encrypted way: A common weak point open for attacks on security systems is thus eliminated.



Many of our customers do not wish to be named because of their strict security and secrecy policies.  Of course, we respect this wish.

We therefore ask for your understanding that we can only provide you with a detailed list of selected references on request.  The products are described in a very general way.

YES Secure products are employed in highly sensitive areas of a company, we are subject to very strict non-disclosure agreements.  We must not disclose any information on the conception, the order and the exact location of the systems nor the configuration of the security mechanisms.


Partner Program

As the YES Secure partner you will take an active part in a partnership marked by team spirit, competence, and know-how transfer.  You will use your profound technological know-how and a wealth of experience with pin-point accuracy. Your outstanding reputation on the market will make you a preferred business partner both for your customers and for us.

If you are interested in becoming a YES Secure partner please contact us.

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