FleetPhone is the global maritime satellite voice service from Inmarsat I4 satellites. It delivers clear voice quality, circuit switched data and SMS messaging communications.


Global Maritime Voice Service

FleetPhone is the global maritime satellite voice service on Inmarsat F4 satellites. It delivers clear voice quality, circuit switched data and SMS messaging communications.

Key benefits

  • Clear voice service (2.4 kbps).
  • Messaging: text-to-text, text-to-email, web message to FleetPhone.
  • Circuit-switched data (up to 20kbps) with SkyFile® Mail compression.
  • Single and multi-user capability: connections of up to 5 standard phones or integration to a PABX system.
  • Reliable and lightweight terminals and antenna; easy to install.
  • Global coverage on Inmarsat’s I4 network.

Robust satellite terminals and antenna

The FleetPhone service is available through two terminals:

The Oceana 400 is a simple and cost-effective belowdeck unit which features a RJ11/POTS interface, enabling 5 standard phones or integration to a PABX system - an ideal solution for crew calling.

The Oceana 800 is an all-in-one terminal, with integrated Bluetooth, LCD display for phonebook and SMS, an active privacy handset, and built-in speakerphone. It features an integrated GPS receiver providing tracking and instant messaging reporting via SMS.

Specifications Oceana 400 Oceana 800
Dimensions in mm 240 x 190 53 241 x 185 x 93
Weight 0.58 kg 1.27 kg
Ingress protection IP54 (dust/showerproof) IP53 (dust/splashproof)
LCD display No, LEDs only Yes
Integrated keypad No Yes
RJ11 connection Yes Yes
Integrated privacy handset No Yes
Phonebook No Yes
Speaker phone No Yes
Tracking & instant message No Yes
505 calling No Yes
SIM card Yes Yes, dual SIM card enclosure
Data Mini USB USB Mini B
Bluetooth No Yes (headset not included)
FleetPhone - COVERAGE I4 satellites

Innovative solutions for your needs.

The following solutions are compatible with the FleetPhone:

SkyFile Mail:                  reliable, secure and cost-efficient data transmissions via email, e-fax and SMS

Universal Card™:        prepaid voice calling, SMS, email & web usage – all in one card.

Satellite Direct®:         place satellite calls from any location to any satellite terminal.

Satellite Direct Plus:   place highly cost-efficient fixed-to-mobile calls.

FleetPhone  -  Frequently Asked Questions

Service - voice and data

Q. What coverage is available?
The FleetPhone operates on a global basis over the three Inmarsat 4 satellites, which are expected to have an operational lifetime into the 2020s.

Q. Is data service available for the FleetPhone?
2.4 kbps circuit switched data service is available. The data service must be provisioned on your SIM card by us. SkyFile® Mail throughput is enhanced through compression to bring speeds close to 20 kbps.

Q. Can I send and receive SMS or text messages from my FleetPhone handset? Is there any cost to send a text message to my FleetPhone handset?
Yes, mobile originated and mobile terminated SMS or text messages are supported with the Oceana 800.  Mobile terminated SMS or text messages are free of charge to our customers.  A nominal fee is charged for mobile originated SMS or text messages. Contact us for a complete listing of all service prices for our GSPS service.

Q. How many languages are supported on the FleetPhone?
A total of 8 languages are supported: Arabic, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Q. Can the FleetPhone be synchronized with MS Outlook Contacts?
Yes. The FleetPhone is compatible with MS Outlook 2007 on a PC running Windows XP Pro SP3 or Windows Vista SP1.

Q. What types of interfaces does the FleetPhone have?
The FleetPhone has a micro USB interface for connecting the handset to a PC. It also has RJ11/POTS for integration to a PABX system.

Q. Does the FleetPhone have GPS functionality?
The Oceana 800 has GPS functionality, enabling a subscriber to look up exact location in latitude and longitude, and is ideal to use with tracking software. The location information can also be sent via a SMS or text message.

Q. Can the Phone be used for tracking purposes?
Yes, with the build-in GPS functionality, the Oceana 800 can be used for Instant tracking messages as well as periodical tracking updates.

Q. Is Circuit Switched Data available to use with the FleetPhone? If so how big is the channel, and what kind of throughput can I expect to achieve?
Yes, Circuit Switched Data are available for use with the FleetPhone. The data service utilizes a 2.4 kbps channel and throughput of up to 20 kbps is regularly achieved with a compression application like SkyFile® Mail.

Q. Is the FleetPhone GMDSS compliant?
No, the FleetPhone is not GMDSS compliant, but the Oceana 800 supports the Inmarsat 505 emergency calling service. 505 Emergency Calling is a short code dialing facility that provides direct access to a Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC).


Q. What is the difference between IsatPhone Pro + maritime docking and the FleetPhone (Oceana 800)?
The Oceana 800 is a fully compact integrated handset optimized for the maritime environment compared to the IsatPhone Pro. It has own airtime packages particularly for the maritime market, and support SQT calling, and even has an extra SIM slot for separate charging- perfect for crew usage.

Q. What is the difference between Oceana 400 and Oceana 800?
Ocean 800 has integrated handset and also has SMS/tracking capabilities. The Oceana 400 is a slim-line terminal without privacy handset. External handset/PABX system can be connected. Oceana 400 is perfect where the simplest access to reliable voice and data communications services are required.

Q. What is included when purchasing the FleetPhone?
Oceana 800
• Oceana 800 phone handset
• Beam Active Marine antenna: Inmarsat / GPS - ISD710
• 110-240v AC plug pack (kettle cord not included)
• 10-32v DC power lead
• Desk mounting hang-up cup (wall mounting hang-up cup supplied fitted)
• 2m alarm loop wiring
• Wall mounting plate
• USB cable
• User Manual / Quick Start Guide

Oceana 400
• Oceana 400 phone
• Beam Active Marine antenna: Inmarsat / GPS - ID710
• 110-240v AC plug pack (kettle cord not included)
• 10-32v DC power lead
• Wall mounting plate
• USB cable
• User Manual / Quick Start Guide

Q. Is the FleetPhone shock-proof?
Both terminals are dust, splash and shock-proof, with an ingress protection rating of IP54 on Oceana 800 and IP53 on Oceana 400. The FleetPhone operates in temperatures ranging from -20oC to +55oC. It also tolerates humidity up to 95 percent.

Q. Can I use an IsatPhone Pro SIMs?
No, there are specific IMSI ranges to FleetPhone. The FleetPhone SIM cards are locked to the FleetPhone.

Optimize with our Solutions

Q. Does SkyFile® Mail work with the FleetPhone data service?
Yes. SkyFile® Mail has been optimized to work with FleetPhone data service. When using SkyFile® Mail with the FleetPhone data service, you save time and money by compressing emails, e-faxes and SMS by up to 90%.

Q. If a fixed2mobile caller is using Satellite Direct™ and calls the FleetPhone, is there a charge to the FleetPhone?
Yes. The same charging principal applies with the FleetPhone as it does with other services. The charge is the same as a mobile to terrestrial call.

Q. Can I use Universal Cards on the FleetPhone?
Yes, you can, and it also has SQT crew rates.

Q. How can the Phone be restricted to crew only?
We offer a call blocker that restricts the handset to only Universal Card/prepaid calling. A second SIM can also be inserted for crew calling only (Oceana 800).

Q. Can the phone be integrated with PABX on the vessel?
Yes, the FleetPhone is equipped with a dedicated Intelligent RJ11/POTS interface to enable integration to a PABX system and connects easily to existing phone system.

Q. I've heard the term GSPS in association with the FleetPhone. What is GSPS service? Do we support it?
GSPS refers to the services used on the FleetPhone. GSPS is an acronym which means Global Satellite Phone Service. Other equipment available that use the GSPS service are IsatPhone Pro (Handheld) and IsatPhone Link (Land) services.

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