Universal Card   
   service_UniCard_Maritime.jpg First Multi-Satellite Network Card for Prepaid Voice & Messaging.

Universal Card is the first card of its kind in the market to enable users to make private calls, send SMS and email from a single card over both Inmarsat and Iridium mobile satellite terminals.
Key benefits:
  • Enables prepaid service for voice & messaging (SMS, email) with one card
  • Versatility: works with Inmarsat and Iridium devices
  • Simplifies administration for managers of large numbers of terminals
  • Welfare: boosts crew morale
  • Simplicity: very easy to use, no need for training or user assistance
  • Financial control: complete control over call spending with pre-defined costs.
   Multiple usage with versatile card

With Universal Card you benefit from the simplicity of a single prepaid service providing cost-effective voice and messaging over Inmarsat and Iridium.
  • No minimum call length, call charged only when the person being called answers
  • Customers will receive their call data records via weekly or monthly.
  • Two card formats to suit every need:
    •     Physical card: a debit card with PIN concealed on the back of the card
    •     Virtual card: PIN sent by secure email, avoiding potential delay or logistical problems & shipping costs
  • Prepaid messaging with newest version and and higher of  free SkyFile Mail software
   For a wide range of terminals (Inmarsat & Iridium)

EX4U Telecom's Universal Card works with Inmarsat as well as Iridium terminals.
  • Inmarsat Fleet Family: for communications & safety at sea, the Fleet family delivers high-quality mobile voice, fax and data up to 128 kbps.
  • Inmarsat FleetBroadband: for simultaneous voice & data at speeds up to 432kbps.
  • Inmarsat Mini M: Inmarsat phone for voice, fax & data (4.8/2.4 kbps).
  • BGAN: broadband mobile office delivering simultaneous voice & high speed data on land up to 492 kbps.
  • GAN: voice, fax, & data up to 64 kbps.
  • Iridium: Iridium maritime terminals in conjunction with a special SIM card.
  • Inmarsat B: voice, fax & data up to 64 kbps, compatible with the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).
  • Inmarsat M: voice telephony, distress alerting, fax and data services at lower data rates.
  • Inmarsat Swift: Voice, fax & data at speeds up to 64 kbps.
Please note the limited lifetime of prepaid cards:
Unused cards: expire two years after purchase, unless there have been one or several reloads (expiry one year after last reload).
Used cards: expire one year after first usage, unless there have been one or several reloads (expiry one year after last reload).
  What's new
24/7 Happy Hour / Super Quiet Time for Universal Card voice calling.

We are pleased to announce significant improvements for prepaid crew calling via FleetBroadband for all partners. Extended FleetBroadband prepaid voice over the Universal Card:

Happy Hour / Super Quite Time tariff 24/7 for FleetBroadband

Number of minutes for prepaid calls increases by 30%.

For the standard sized Universal Cards, crew members now have 30 minutes calling time around the clock, any day of the year, when using FleetBroadband.

This makes FleetBroadband a very important service for prepaid crew calling. Crew members benefit from highly attractive per minute pricing without the limitations of a peak period charges. Also they can surf the web, chat online and download content using Scratch & Web, while minimizing administrative work both on board and in the headquarters.