Iridium Direct Internet 3

How does Direct Internet work and how to install the software on your PC or Mac ?

Direct Internet Data Service provides connectivity from a PC, through your Iridium phone, directly to the Internet through dedicated servers at the Iridium gateway.  The result is effective throughput data rates higher than the 2.4 Kbps service that Iridium’s data service operates at.

Why do I need Direct Internet ?

Direct Internet  will speed up your data transfers to and from the Internet and enable you to reduce your airtime usage compared with directly dialing a conventional Internet Service Provider.

What other features does Direct Internet offer ?

Direct Internet 3 offers the following value-added services in addition to speeding up your Web and email usage:

  • No cost client software
  • Expanded browser compatibility
  • Pop-Up Blocker – block annoying pop-up advertisements
  • Banner-Ad Blocking – Stop the ads
  • API available for custom application integration
  • FTP Acceleration – Accelerate FTP file transfer (in passive mode)
  • Privacy Manager – Provides a more secure browsing environment by clearing the cache, cookies and history in the Temporary Internet Files folder.

What Platforms does Direct Internet work on ?

Direct Internet 3 will work on Windows XP, Vista, 7 both 32bit and 64bit. It will also with with Mac OS.

If you prefer not to use software and dial manually you can  use the Service in a manual setup, known as a PPP connection.

Window 95/89/2000/XP/Vista can be used using this service.

Please see below both Direct Internet Software, User Manuals and PPP Guides Download Documents.

Please note Direct Internet 2.0.2 and Apollo (Direct Internet 1.0) are no longer supported.



Iridium Direct Internet 3 Connect  - Download software for Windows or for Mac:



Iridium Direct Internet 3 Connect  - Download Manuals for Windows or for Mac:

Iridium Direct Internet 3 User Manual for Windows.pdf  (3.32 MB)

Iridium Direct Internet 3 User Manual for Mac.pdf  (1.52 MB)



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