IRIDIUM ECI Fixed MountUnit   

What is it?
The ECI Fixed Mount Unit is a single-channel fixed product for use on board a ship, semi-fixed locations or inside a building.
Why do you need it?
The ECI Single Channel is designed as a powerful add-on for maritime or fixed communication set-ups. Can be integrated with a PBX system.

  • Weather Resistant
  • Data Capable
  • RJ-11 Jack, allowing connection to a PBX or an external analog phone.
Kit includes:
  • Transceiver Unit
  • Control Handset
  • Antenna
  • 9-Pin (F/F) Data Cable
  • Installation & Operation Manuals
Optional Components:
Power Supply (110/220 VAC to 24V DC)
Various length antenna cables

Iridium ECI fixed mount communications systems are well-known for their quality, reliability and continuous innovation; and the innovative ECI Iridium terminal is no exception. The Iridium system, on which the ECI operates, is the first truly global communications system, which means that no matter where you are and who you want to call, you always have 66 Low Earth
Orbit satellites at your disposal. This is not only convenient, but, more important, a crucial safety factor.
The ECI is well-suited for all types of vessels – from fishing boats and cargo ships to power boats, yachts and cruise liners – even in remote areas, both on land and at sea. The ECI puts you in closer contact with the world.
The compact ECI consists of only three units:
  • the antenna,
  • the transceiver
  • the intelligent handset
intelligent, because it is a combined handset and control unit. It can operate with as many as four hand-sets, making it possible to use the system anywhere on board or in a building.
The fact that the antenna can always ”see” three satellites ensures good contact at all times and guarantees a clear signal irrespective of the distance between the communicating parties.
The ECI fixed mount unit has other additional advantages to offer aswell: a surprisingly extensive data capability, for example.
In spite of its very slim and delicate design, the ECI antenna is very sturdy. It has no moving parts, and the helix construction is coated with glass-enforced epoxy, which is highly weather-resistant and able to with stand the extreme conditions at sea.
The smart transceiver contains an L-band transceiver (LBT) and a built-in SIM card reader unit designed for the small SIM cards used in most types of mobile phones. It also contains the system control PCB with the memory and interfaces necessary: PSTN/PABX, NMEA 0183 (GPS), RS232 and SCANBUS.


  The ECI fixed mountunit is a handset and control unit in one. The unique control unit requires very little space. It features a logic menu-structure and is easy to use as it is operated in exactly the same way as a conventional mobile phone. The large 4-line/12-character LCD-display shows all the major functions and includes system surveillance and all the usual mobile phone functions. As it is equipped with a small but efficient loudspeaker, incoming calls are easy to hear – even in wheel houses and other noisy environments. The intelligent Man Machine Interface (MMI) controls the actual execution of commands entered by means of the keypad. The LCD display is used for both incoming calls and confirmation of the user’sactions.
Up to four individual handsets/ control unit scan be connected to the system, providing maximum flexibility as regards both users and locations

  • 2.4 kbps data transmission and Iridium’s 10 kbps compressed data service
  • Direct connection for PABX or standard telephones
  • Easy to install and requires a minimum of space
  • Small and light-weight antenna with no moving parts
  • Easy to use; works like a mobile phone
  • Easily accessed SIM-card reader
  • Low power consumption
  • Specially designed and developed for the demanding environment at sea
  • Built-in loudspeaker
  • Up to four handsets
  • Intelligent Man MachineInterface (MMI)
  • Repeat call function
  • Memory for up to 100 telephone numbers

PABX/PSTN interface
The ECI has a built-in RJ11 port as interface for a PABX or a standard analogue phone (according to IEC 300 001). When connected to a PABX set-up, all the phones of the network will be able to use the Iridiums ystem to make and receive calls.

Data capability

Apart from the fact that the ECI Iridium terminal has a data cap-ability of 2.4 kbps, it gives access to Iridium’s 10 kbps compressed data service, which allows the user to operate faster on the Internet. In fact, the ECI provides the fastest global satellite-based service for equipment of this size. It allows the user to connect to the Internet from anywhere in the world.

Designed for the maritime environment

The ECI is specially designed for the harsh maritime environment and is able to with stand even the toughest conditions at sea. Itis made for this life and is naturally approved according to international maritime standards, including IEC 945 and the CE standard specifications that include testing for salt fog emission.

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The combination of the powerful Iridium system and the highly reliable ECI technology is nothing short of a dream come true,as a genuine innovation and a means of true global communication.

EX4U reserves the right to alter product specifications without prior notice.

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