YES Secure the latest encrypted mobile phone technology, as ultimate solution to protect all GSM & WIFI voice and SMS communications.

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Available on a new and very attractive device, YES Secure technology benefits from new audio hardware that ensures complete absence of echo, providing the best voice quality, comparable to that of a traditional phone call. Security is assured by the best public encryption algorithm, AES 256 with symmetric 256 bit keys.

The secret of the technology in the YES Secure 3G/WIFI mobile is that it is very easy to use and yet extremely powerful.

After an initial automatic protocol phase during which key exchange and synchronization take place, the encrypted phone turns voice into data, encrypts it and splits it into small data-packets. Such data-packets are then transmitted in real-time through the standard GSM data channels until reaching the other device. Upon receiving the secure packets the other device performs data decryption, and assembles to the original audio on the device.

Summarizing, each YES Secure crypto device performs audio encryption and decryption in real time, giving the user the experience of a full-duplex encrypted voice communication, comparable to a normal phone call conversation.


Why encrypted GSM?

Did you ever think about the ways and means your mobile conversation is transferred from one phone-device to another and how many interception options are available for providers, spies and others? They can easily eavesdrop on all your communications. The information gained can be misused in multiple ways.

This is why many CEOs, engineers, governmental Ministers, and high level employees should be aware of this risk and use YES Secure encryption.
YES Secure is your High security for GSM, 3G, 4G, WIFI, voice, SMS and Email.

YES Secure encrypted mobile phones do not require any special technical skills or complex settings. Encryption keys are, directly by the user, easy to configure, thus ensuring total privacy. The AES 256 algorithm, with symmetrical keys, ensures the best protection against any kind of wire- tapping, phone-tapping or eaves-dropping.

The YES Secure encryption, top level product developed to comply with military and government specifications, provides two ways to generate the anti-spy encryption key to be used during the conversation: the 4096 bit Diffie-Hellman protocol (or the Elliptic Curves Diffie Hellman, depending on user preference) provides a session key which is subsequently merged with the symmetric key set on the device by the user, producing a different encryption key for each call. Users can employ different combinations of Diffie-Hellman and shared keys. For example, the Diffie-Hellman key can be used without prior sharing of a common key, thus enabling phone calls between encrypted phones which do not share a common encryption key. When Diffie-Hellman is employed (alone or in combination with symmetric shared user keys), the final key will be automatically deleted at the end of each call. User keys can be stored in a secure repository, which is protected by a password. Such keys are displayed on the screen in hash format, thus ensuring secrecy in case of theft or the possibility of comparison two keys on different devices for reason of compatibility.

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YES Secure - Features

  • Look and feel as a normal GSM mobile phone.
  • Standard IMEI number, no link to be recognized as a crypto telephone.
  • Advanced anti-eavesdropping system to make and receive encrypted secure GSM calls to satisfy the requirements of government and military specifications.
  • Provides encrypted mobile communications over all GSM networks through the CSD v.110 or v.32 channel (also known as data/FAX channel) thanks to secure GSM technology.
  • End-to-end secure GSM encryption with AES 256 bit algorithm.
  • Cipher Key generated with Diffie-Hellman 4096 bit or Eliptic Curves 571 bit for each crypto call. The two options can be combined for highest security.
  • Secure ciphered storage of the user own encryption key.
  • Two way numeric identification to ascertain the absence of anyone in the middle connections.
  • Possibility of insertion of proprietary encryption algorithm for secure GSM communication of the encrypted cell phones.
  • Possibility of insertion of proprietary S-boxes for use with the encrypted cell phones.
  • Communicate in clear mode with users of non crypto telephones.
  • Multi language, simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Received cipher call history can be wiped every time the phone is switched off.
  • Strong User authentication of the crypto phone. Send and receive encrypted SMS messages.
  • Secure and hidden storage for cipher and clear text messages.
  • Exchange clear text SMS messages with holders of non crypto telephones.
  • Remote and local device wiping, all crypto information will be lost.
  • Unauthorized SIM change notification in case of loss or theft.
  • Remote Key management System (KMS) to manage the crypto keys.
  • KMS for unlimited number of crypto telephones.
  • Telephone closed user groups can be created.
  • Users may be in one or more groups.
  • Private KMS for each customer.
  • Outsource Management offered by YES Secure networks.
  • Training for KMS and crypto telephone available.
YES Secure system presentation  (restricted access, contact us

Arguments for you to use our YES Secure mobile and fixed system:

 1.   The main reason is that mobile phone conversation can be intercepted in the country and outside the country.
 2.   Not only by government but also by hackers and foreign governments active in multiple countries.
 3.   A secure communication like our solution hides the voice communication in the network. It is seen as a data stream which can't be decrypted.
 4.   To secure the communication we developed the application to encrypt the voice and SMS traffic.
 5.   The keys are stored in a micro SD so that when you lose the phone  the secured data isn't available.
 6.   The secure contact list and data can be removed by a wipe function.
 7.   The phone can still be used as a standard phone for non-restricted communication. This makes it easy accepted by the people. You only need           one phone.
 8.   The wake-up application activates the secure phone(in the background) when a call with you is needed. This is only possible when you allow it.
 9.   The phone call (connection) stays when you move from the internal  WIFI to the external UMTS network.
10.   Easy to use world-wide using WIFI or roaming on 3G (UMTS and EDGE).  So you can save money on telephone costs when you use a free               WIFI.
11.   Secure Phone calls in the country are covered by a data agreement with the provider, saving phone costs.
12.   It is not seen by a foreign government that you use a crypto secure application, because they see a normal phone.
13.   BlackBerry (BB) is the most secure and closest operating system of the existing smart phones Secure data connection is planned.
14.   We offer a total solution with VoIP server, KMS, gateway to fixed  networks and the micro SD with app for the BB.
15.   Other platforms are under development.
16.   You can re-use the micro SD and software from one model BB to another model.
17.   Same is planned to do with other operating systems, as iPhone & iPad - Anroid, in the near future.
18.   Customer requested features can be implemented in the phone. The government can have their own name and logo if they wish.

Technical Arguments for the YES secure mobile and fixed system:

1-     Secure voice encryption.
2-     Secure SMS encryption.
3-     Secure Data encryption (1Q 2013)
5-     NO "Man in the Middle" attack possible.
6-     Full government compliance.
7-     Implementation of additional Government security features possible.
8-     Government owned and operated micro SD, VoIP and Backup servers.
9-     Growing multiple mobile phone compatibility.
10-   Compatibility between mobile data (3G/4G/WIFI) and fixed data networks.
11-   Can be used with all mobile and fixed satellite connections (Sea, Air, Land) - Police, Army, Navy, Air Force, Diplomatic Service, City Council,          Emergency Services, airports, ports, etc.).
12-   Secure conversations between politicians & government officials, VIPs, etc..
13-   NO "security by obscurity  and  NO "Claimculture".

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