9505A MobileDOCK & Hands-free Kit




The RST978 provides a docking unit for the 9505A handheld telephone. The unit provides charging and docking of the handset, whilst the hands-free functionality enables the user to have a professional in-vehicle installation, with the added benefits of having away from vehicle communications with the handheld unit.

Key Features

  • Convenient Hands-free Operation
  • Supports Intelligent Handset
  • Handset Charging
  • Horn Alert Integration
  • 11-32V DC Input
  • Supports Voice & Data Services
  • Full Duplex Hands-free Operation
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Stereo Integration Possible
  • Supports DC Power Input
  • Convenient Installation

Market Applications
The MobileDOCK & Hands-free can be deployed into various markets and applications. The complete kit is easily installed into most types of vehicles.


Selecting an appropriate antenna and antenna cable for the installation is very important for optimum performance. The speaker, microphone and cable assemblies are all supplied with the kit, however you must choose an optional mounting cradle for the handset, antenna and antenna cable suitable for the applications.

Full In-vehicle Integration
The MobileDOCK & Hands-free kit allows for a quality semi-permanent installation to the vehicle. The antenna, microphone and speaker are simply installed in a convenient location within the vehicle following the instructions provided with the kit.  The handset is simply stored in a cradle or secure location ready for use.

Handset Charging
When the 9505A is connected to the MobileDOCK the cable assembly / hands free the 9505A battery is charged whilst their is power to the unit or a vehicles ignition is on.

9505A Functionality
The 9505A will support all the standard functionality whilst being used with the MobileDOCK & Hands-free. The in-vehicle installation will also work in conjunction with the 9505A data connector if required.

The major advantage of an in-vehicle kit is the hands-free use along with the permanently installed antenna for increased call quality and signal penetration.

Intelligent Handset Interface
The MobileDOCK & Hands-free supports the optional Intelligent Handset, RST970. The handset supports voice calls as well as utilizing the Iridium SMS service. The handset is compact and includes an inbuilt ring alert. The handset also enables a private conversation.

Alert / Tracking Interface
The TrackALERT terminals are an intelligent Alert / Tracking and Monitoring unit all-in-one and are available for all RST terminals. TrackALERT allows the deployment of various applications including vehicle, asset, asset tracking, monitoring and condition reporting, remote control and configuration. Alert/Alarm monitoring applications are available.