Terralink IP Addressing  
  IP Addressing. And more

Terralink IP Addressing solution has been developed and deployed throughout the network to enable flexible IP address management, allowing customers and end-users to implement their individual IP applications.
  • State-of-the-art: all IP address types are available (per default or upon request) in order to meet any business requirement
  • Flexible: remotely-configurable IP addresses are made immediately available for end-users wherever they are
  • On demand: provisioned IP address types or static IP addresses can be per applied as default or on-demand as each data session is initiated
  • Transparent: current IP configuration can be checked at any time through Terralink Data Manager.
  • Global: available on the global network for all high-speed data services.
  On-demand IP addressing

Terralink IP Addressing provides customers and their end-users with a set of standard IP address types:
  • Private.dynamic
  • Public.dynamic
  • Privat.static*
  • Public.static**
Upon request, customized IP services can be implemented based on the following criteria:
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Reserved IP address ranges
  • Private or public IP address format
  • Dynamic or static IP address allocation
* upon request
  Compatible with various data services

Terralink IP Addressing is currently available on Inmarsat services, and soon on Iridium and Thuraya data services.
  • BGAN / FleetBroadband / SwiftBroadband: The broadband mobile office, delivering simultaneous voice & high speed data up to 492 kbps.
  • Inmarsat GAN: Voice, fax & data up to 64 kbps.
  • Inmarsat Fleet Family: For communications & safety at sea, the Fleet family delivers high-quality mobile voice, fax & data up to 128 kbps.