Terralink Data Manager Live  
  Check your costs at no cost

Terralink Data Manager Live is the IP & Networking solution offering real-time data consumption details to end-users whenever they go online. It is an easy-to-use application that aims at providing more confidence to customers and end-users when moving to broadband satellite services.
  • State-of-the-art: estimated traffic reported in real-time to the end-user via a pop-up window
  • Flexible: this solution is remotely configurable and can be activated and deactivated by the customer at anytime regardless of the end-user location
  • Easy to use: no need to install software. Information automatically pops-up each time a new data session is initiated by the end-user
  • Provided free of charge without any commitment
  Real-time traffic consumption

Terralink Data Manager Live retrieves volume consumption to end-users via a web pop-up in real-time. The estimated volume can be automatically converted into currency figures, providing a clearer overview for broadband end-users.

The following features are currently available:
  • Upload and download traffic: estimated data volume sent and received over the terminal
  • Total consumption: overall consumption as of the initiation of the current data session
  • Cost indicator: total volume consumption converted into financial figures. Based on the selected currency and the translation factor set by the end-user
  • Refresh frequency: period of time between each automatic refreshment of the estimated data volume
  Compatible with various data services.

Terralink Data Manager Live is currently available on Inmarsat services, and soon on Thuraya data services.

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