Terralink Data Manager  
  Full data control and more...

With Terralink Data Manager you benefit from more comfort while managing your data services. Specially designed for distributors or large customers, the new version of Terralink Data Manager introduces a brand-new group / fleet management concept aiming at optimizing and securing your business.

Terralink Data Manager combines complex and powerful IP capabilities with administrative simplicity.
  • Easy access: around-the-clock online access with intuitive navigation
  • All-in-one solution: single application to manage all  IP based solutions
  • Multi-level users: available for mobile users, large customers and service providers
  • Flexibility: full security package with no installation required; all web browsers supported
  • Unique support: on-demand professional support from the technical teams
  Tailor your professional data communications

Terralink Data Manager has a number of versatile features for end-users, large customers and distributors. These help minimize the workload associated with managing satellite data traffic and optimizes everyday business in the field, whether at sea or in the air.

Standard features (for all users):
  • Access to single terminal / SIM card data profile
  • Access to single Scratch & Web profile
  • Traffic control and protection management
  • 90 day previous usage check
  • Account settings
  • Scratch & Web account parameters

Enhanced features (for large customers & distributors only):
  • Access to registered terminal / SIM card data profiles
  • Access to registered Scratch & Web data profiles
  • Virtual group management with full standard feature capabilities
  • Account access/rights management
  • On demand customizable interface

Compatible with various data services

Terralink Data Manager is currently available on Inmarsat services, and soon on Iridium and Thuraya data services.

BGAN / FleetBroadband / SwiftBroadband: The broadband mobile office, delivering simultaneous voice & high speed data up to 492 kbps.

Inmarsat GAN: Voice, fax & data up to 64 kbps.

Inmarsat Fleet Family: For communications & safety at sea, the Fleet family delivers high-quality mobile voice, fax & data up to 128 kbps.

  What's new
  New group/fleet management concept

Terralink Data Manager is a key Solution that we continuously enhance with new features and capabilities. Specially designed for distributors or large customers, the latest version of Terralink Data Manager introduces a brand-new group / fleet management concept.
  • Enhanced usability: intuitive navigation; clear and concise menu structure; optimised information-handling process.
  • New group/fleet management: full range of functions enabling easier control on batches of SIM cards/terminals and easy-access rights administration.
  • Optimized traffic management: redesign of traffic filtering functions; simplification of data visualisation; improvement of standard predefined filtering features.