SkyFile® Video   
   skyfile_video_b.jpg Action, cut, compress & send!

There are plenty of video editing software packages, lots of file-compressing systems, and still more electronic messaging applications.
But this is the only all-inclusive solution from EX4U Telecom for mobile satcoms users.

Key benefits:
  • All-in-one solution: compress & send your videos.
  • Cost-effective usage: no license or monthly fee. Just pay for the airtime.
  • Simplicity: easy to use.
  • Compact solution: create your own mobile video editing studio wherever you go
  • Lightweight equipment footprint: to make, edit & send videos, all you need is:
    •  - a digital video camera with a Firewire interface
    •  - SkyFile® Video software installed on laptop or PC
    •  - Inmarsat terminal (Fleet 77, 55, BGAN,  GAN)
   skyfile_video_f.jpg High-performance mobile editing solution

SkyFile® Video is designed to help mobile videomakers in their daily work.
  • Fully compatible with Inmarsat Fleet 77 and 55, BGAN , GAN (ISDN).
  • State-of-the-art video compressing function, using Codec Standard MPEG4/AVC (H.264).
  • Potential to adapt H.264 compression settings to personal requirements.
  • Available with Pentium 2 processor standard/256 Mb/RAM, Internet Explorer 6.0, Direct X 9.0.
  • Free of charge, with no monthly fees or license costs

 SkyFile Video



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As easy as "action, cut, compress, send!"

There are many video editing software packages, lots of file-compressing systems, and still more electronic messaging applications. But there is only one simple and rapid all-in-one solution for oursatcom users.

Mobile video-makers' best travelling companion

SkyFile Video has been designed to help mobile video-makers in their daily work.

It is fully compatible with and  can be downl oaded on Inmarsat- GAN (ISDN), BGAN and with Inmarsat-Fleet 55 and 77 terminals (64, 128 and 256Kbits).

SkyFile Video is perfect for mobile users. To make, edit and send videos the following equipment is all that is required:
  •    a digital video camera with Firewire interface,
  •    the SkyFile Video software installed on your laptop or PC,
  •    an Inmarsat mobile satellite terminal (see above).

Easy and quick editing studio

On land, many remote-based professionals can now benefit from SkyFile Video's unique features with the Inmarsat BGAN service: journalists in the field, NGO employees on a mission, oil & gas and mining
teams carrying out exploration research, military personnel in operation, etc.

No need to be an IT specialist to create your own video sequences and quickly and simply send them to colleagues back in the office.

Mariners benefit from the same advantages, whether it be for leisure or business. They no longer need to waste time on the telephone describing problems encountered on the main sale or in the injection-pump.
With SkyFile Video, the images can be edited, compressed and sent simply and quickly.

The most high-performance solution on the market

EX4U Telecom provides you with a state of the art compressing feature, using the highly efficient codec standard MPEG4/AVC (H.264).

In addition, individual audio/video bit rate parameters can be set according to customers' own personal compression requirements, to strike a balance between quality and size of files and optimize communication budgets.

Instructions for use:
4 easy steps

First of all it is necessary to install the SkyFile Video software on a laptop or PC and contact Vizada's customer service to register as a user*.
Then follow 4 easy steps:

Four steps to a successful video transmission

Step 1: Transmit the videos from the digital video camera
Connect the camera to the laptop or PC, and start the SkyFile Video software. The software takes care of all compatibility issues enabling
the user to import images easily and rapidly.

Step 2: Edit the film
SkyFile Video is a genuine mobile editing studio. Videos can be cut as required to make separate sequences so that only the images are

Step 3: Compress the file
Audio/video bit rate parameters can be set according to personal compression requirements in order to optimize communication budgets.

Step 4: Send the creation
Films can easily be sent to colleagues or uploaded on the company terrestrial FTP server.
EX4U Telecom can also provide an FTP service free-of-charge if needed (SkyFile Access ).


   inm_BGAN_I4_coverage.jpg Videomakers' key traveling companion
  • SkyFile® Video is available at sea or on land on Inmarsat Fleet 77, Fleet 55, BGAN and GAN terminals.
  • Inmarsat Fleet Family: For communications & safety at sea, the Fleet family delivers high-quality mobile voice, fax and data at up to 128 kbps.
  • Inmarsat M4 (or GAN): Voice, fax & data up at to 64 kbps.
  • Inmarsat BGAN: The broadband mobile office delivering simultaneous voice and high speed data on land at up to 492 kbps.
  Transforming satellite news gathering
  BGAN is the only mobile satellite service to offer broadband data with simultaneous voice through a single, truly portable device on a global basis. It is also the irst service to offer guaranteed data rates on demand up to 256kbps for live video broadcasting.

Inmarsat's Broadband Global Area Network service - BGAN - is transforming satellite news gathering with a compelling combination: smaller, higher bandwidth terminals that can be rapidly deployed all over the world and easily used by non-technical staff.

So, wherever the story breaks next, make sure BGAN is at your side.

  • Live video and audio broadcast
  • Store and forward
  • Broadband mobile ofice: email, internet, VPN and telephony
  • Remote bureau: supporting multiple users from a single device

In-field equipment
  • BGAN satellite terminal
  • Handheld video camera
  • BGAN voice handset
  • Power adapters AC/DC, batteries and cables
  • Laptop (MAC or PC) with software for video/audio encoding
  Key benefits

Simultaneous voice and broadband data
  • Signiicantly improved picture quality from a single, highly portable device
  • Send reports more quickly in dangerous situations
  • Reporter can speak to the studio while making a live video broadcast
  • Separate voice channel means data performance is not affected
Highly portable
  • Easily carried in a backpack the highest bandwidth terminals weigh up to 3.2kgs
  • Ideal for rapid deployment
  • Doesn't draw attention to media presence in dangerous situations
Global coverage
  • Wherever you are on the planet, you can access the BGAN service
  • Deploy same device worldwide to all mobile news gathering teams
  • BGAN supports both ISDN and IP compatible with legacy news gathering applications while providing a smooth upgrade path to IP
Easy to use
  • Quick to set up and shut down
  • No technical expertise required reducing size of reporting teams and costs
  • Send high quality video back to the studio on time, every time
  • Network capacity can be dynamically re-directed to areas of high usage
  • Ensures bandwidth availability is maintained when a major news story breaks
  • Range of highly robust satellite terminals to withstand challenging environments and climatic extremes
Competitively priced
  • Signiicantly lower costs for both terminals and airtime compared with previous generations of mobile satellite services
  • Can deploy to more reporting teams
  • Live news coverage from more locations, increasing your competitive edge
  Live Video Broadcasting over BGAN, more ...