Scratch & Web  

Welfare communications keep teams connected.

Scratch & Web cards let your personnel and team members stay connected to friends and family via the Internet. Ideal for military personnel, NGO workers, ship crew, journalists as well as mining and exploration teams working in remote locations who want to benefit from prepaid emailing, Internet and content downloading. Scratch & Web make your private data communications easy and cost-efficient.

Key benefits:

  • Simple to use: easy and instant access to the Internet.
  • Cost-effectiveness: no connection fee, no minimum call length or volume.
  • Transparency: manage your Scratch & Web cards online, including usage parameters and call monitorring.
  • Security: personal access guaranteed with confidential PIN code.
  • Flexibility: team members can share a single terminal by using their personal prepaid card.
   Two card formats to choose from.

Scratch & Web cards are available in two convenient formats to meet your individual communications needs:
  • Virtual Card: no physical card to manage. The confidential PIN code is sent securely by email.
  • Co-Branded Physical Card*: traditional physical card features a scratch-off confidential PIN code.
  • Card values may be customized, recommended card values: 5, 10, or 20 MB.
  • Cards expire one year after first usage, unless reloaded.
  • Unused cards expire two years after purchase.
*For EX4U Telecom Service Provides only - for more info contact your key account manager.
   A variety of cards

Different Scratch & Web cards are available for prepaid standard IP/MPDS on the following Inmarsat terminals:
  • BGAN: broadband mobile office delivering simultaneous voice & high speed data on land up to 492 kbps.
  • Inmarsat SwiftBroadband: for simultaneous voice & data at speeds up to 432 kbps.
  • Inmarsat FleetBroadband: for simultaneous voice & data at speeds up to 432 kbps.
  • GAN: voice, fax, & data up to 64 kbps.*
  • Inmarsat Fleet Family: For communications & safety at sea, the Fleet family delivers high-quality mobile voice, fax and data.*
* This prepaid solution is valid on a postpaid terminal where internet communication is dedicated exclusively to the Scratch & Web service.
  What's new
  Now available for FleetBroadband and SwiftBroadband

Scratch & Web is now available for use with Inmarsat FleetBroadband and SwiftBroadband. Allow your crew to make prepaid data calls from your FleetBroadband or SwiftBroadband on board without having to worry about budget overruns or administration.

With Scratch & Web, crew members purchase an amount of personal prepaid credit for private data transmission. Private and business communications stay completely separate.

EX4U Telecom guarantees real-time charging and account barring as soon as the prepaid balance reaches zero.

Customers have online access to their Scratch & Web accounts, where they can check credit, consult traffic details and define credit alerts.