STU & STE Secure Services


Communications at highest security level

STU & STE Secure Services enable government and enterprise users to transmit classified or business-sensitive information, using highly secure and reliable voice, fax, video, and data communications through the teleports.  STU & STE Secure Services offer a flexible range of secure communication speeds depending on the users equipment and transmission requirements.

Key benefits

  • Secure terminal-to-terminal communications.
  • Fully transparent service-secure database at the teleport to identify STU-enabled Inmarsat mobile terminals.
  • Software pre-loaded in user's terminal and within channel units at the teleport enables low-speed secure STU services via low-speed voice channel.
  • No special software required in user's terminal or within the teleport to access 64 kbps STE/KIV-7 services via HSD channel or up to 9.6 kbps STU services via audio channel.
  • No additional airtime charge for encrypted communications.
  • Easy access - low-speed STU protocol is available on all channel units for LES Access Code 001.
  • Quick and easy dialing process.


Secure communications for any mission

  • Available for Inmarsat B, Mini-M, GAN, Fleet, Swift and Aero H/H+ services.
  • Gobal coverage on all Inmarsat ocean regions.
  • Supports a variety of cryptographic encryption devices including STU-III, STU-IIB, STE, KG-84 and KIV-7.
  • Benefit from secure calls with the Satellite Satellite Direct PlusŪ, using a dedicated 10-digit telephone number for full duplex secure calls to and from satellite terminals and secure phones.


For all digital Inmarsat maritime and aeronautical services.

STU & STE Secure Services are available for Inmarsat B, Mini M, GAN, BGAN, Fleet, Fleet 1, FleetBroadband, Swift and Aero H/H+ services.

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