Global Maritime Broadband Bundles
  The best value for money and choice

Seamlessly integrating Ku-band VSAT and MSS airtime service and hardware, our new range of global maritime broadband packages are designed to offer the best value for money and choice
  Key benefits
  • Choice of VSAT Ku-band plus MSS antenna and service for back-up: Iridium OpenPort, Inmarsat FleetBroadband.
  • Bandwidth starting from 256Kbps up to 1024kbps.
  • Extended global Ku-band coverage, including Indian Ocean and Atlantic South in 2012.
  • XChange and the Solutions, seamlessly integrated for VSAT and MSS.
  • From 12 to 36 month contract with vessel lay-up and bandwidth upgrade options.
  • One low monthly fees

Maritime customers can select the combination of service and equipment that best fits their connectivity needs.



Choice of Pharostar Ku-band antenna

  • Thrane & Thrane Sailor 900
  • Sea Tel
  • Intellian

Choice of MSS hardware for back-up:
  XChange and the Solutions are seamlessly integrated to the Global Maritime Broadband Bundles, working across both VSAT and MSS.

XChange: a single, integrated solutions platform, which provides you with reliable connectivity to all satellite networks and cuts your communication costs at the same time.

Universal CardTM: prepaid email & web usage - voice available soon.

TerralinkTM Data Manager: set firewall-filters, administrate account profiles & select traffic priorities.

SkyFile® Mail: reliable, secure and cost-efficient data transmission via email, e-fax and SMS.

SkyFile® Anti Virus: full protection from malicious software such as viruses, spyware etc.

SkyFile® Weather: customizable weather information, including high resolution images.

SkyFile® Access:
free FTP space to exchange large files, webmail & web browsing.
  The launch of advanced global maritime broadband packages, offering up to 1Mbps VSAT and mobile satellite communications connectivity.

Shipping companies to benefit from unlimited usage, one low monthly fee, flexible terms and XChange.

Our range of highly flexible global maritime broadband packages seamlessly integrating Ku-band VSAT and mobile satellite services (MSS), including XChange.

The global maritime broadband packages provide unmatched choice to shipping companies: they can select the combination of VSAT, MSS hardware and airtime best suited to their needs while being able to upgrade to a higher bandwidth plan or next generation satellite service during or after contract termination.

The packages range from unlimited 256kbps VSAT airtime-only up to an unlimited 1024kbps VSAT plus MSS airtime and hardware back-up. Customers can choose between a VSAT antenna from Thrane & Thrane, as well as Intellian or Sea Tel, with the Inmarsat FleetBroadband 250 and 500 or Iridium OpenPort service as back up.

Packages are further enhanced with the XChange service, seamlessly integrating VSAT, MSS voice and broadband data in one unified global maritime communications network and providing full access to our solutions, such as the SkyFile messaging and security suite and Prepaid solutions, hosted via the teleports. Users experience the same high quality Solutions across any service combination.

In order to meet timeframes that suit shipping companies' needs, we offer highly flexible contractual terms, starting from 12 month commitments. 36 month contracts include vessel lay-up and bandwidth upgrade options while allowing for the best migration path to next generation Ku- or Ka-band service.

We always designs our offers to fit the precise communications and business needs of our maritime customers. The broadband packages are built to offer unlimited up to 1024Kbps Ku-band connectivity, and a choice of MSS hardware and airtime for back-up within a
36-month period. This provides shipping co's tremendous flexibility to upgrade to a higher bandwidth plan or next-generation VSAT, when available, which suits customer demands today, and allows for choice in the future.

The coverage of PharostarTM VSAT service will be extended in the Indian and Southern Atlantic Oceans in 2012 enabling shipping companies to benefit from global Ku-band connectivity. In this way Pharostar connectivity is available on the main shipping routes from Asia to South Africa, overcoming what is considered the main gap in global VSAT coverage.

Available now, the new global maritime broadband package offers shipping companies the right level of choice flexibly today and in the future.


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