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Secure & Reliable Messaging. And more.

SkyFile Mail is a free messaging and compression tool that allows users to send reliable and cost-effective emails, e-faxes and SMS messages. Suitable for users at sea, on land and  in flight. SkyFile Mail provides two-way email, fax and SMS messaging on Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya  and VSAT satellite terminals. 

Simple to install, use and update, SkyFile Mail works on any desktop PC or laptop and is an ideal messaging solution for crew and personnel emailing. SkyFile Mail is part of our portfolio of EX4U Telecom solutions.  

Key benefits:    
  • Robustness: secure, reliable data  communication
  • Security: anti-virus, anti-spam filters and black & white list option included
  • Cost-effectiveness: with data compression up to 90 %
  • Crash recovery: automatically restarts at the point where transmission stopped
  • Full duplex mode: simultaneous message sending & receiving
  • Simplicity: very easy to install, update & use
  • Charge-free: you only pay the airtime. No monthly fees or license costs
  • Can be used for post-paid & prepaid messaging
Efficient management tools

SkyFile Mails improves easy administration of your mobile satellite terminal and enhances your operational efficiency.

  • Enables 2-way email, fax and SMS transmission from any PC or laptop wherever you are on land or at sea.
  • Web-based Remote Configuration tool provides full remote control of all SkyFile® Mail configurations, from billing rates to sub-accounts.
  • Least cost router (for Fleet-terminals) automatically selects MPDS or ISDN/data as the least cost transmission mode.
  • SkyFile Mail via Iridium Rudics boosts connection quality, service availability and bandwidth, reducing connection time by more than 50%
  • Benefit from our SkyFile NOAD software for easy and efficient creation & submission of electronic regulatory forms requried by the US Coast Guard.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows from 95.
Secure & Reliable Messaging

SkyFile Mail off ers users a number of features and functions designed to ensure secure, reliable communications:

  • Highly eff ective anti-virus, anti-spam filter and black & white lists block unwanted emails. Users can create their own black & white list according to personal needs.
  • Shore-to-ship filtering allows users to set filtering specifi cations according to address name, domain name or user default configuration.
  • The automated backup/restore function automatically saves data (emails, address book, archives and configuration).
  • When using prepaid messaging, two Universal Card PIN codes can be registered. If one card reaches its limit, airtime credit is automatically forwarded to the other card and deducted from the second PIN. 

At a Glance

  • Data compression: SkyFile Mail compresses data by up to 90% with a WinZip-type feature, signifi cantly reducing connection time.
  • Full duplex mode: enables users to send & receive messages simultaneously.
  • Crash recovery: automatically retrieves emails if the data connection is interrupted.
  • Automatic notifi cation: alerts user to incoming emails.
  • SkyFile Mail via Iridium Rudics: boosts connection quality, service availability and bandwidth, reducing connection times by more than 50%.
  • No additional costs: SkyFile Mail software is free of charge. There are no monthly fees or license costs. Users only pay for airtime.
  • Least cost router: automatically selects the most cost-effective data transmission mode for Inmarsat Fleet terminals according to usage MPDS or ISDN).
Efficient Management Tools

SkyFile Mail's management tools can improve how a fleet of mobile satellite terminals are administered, enhancing operational efficiency for ship managers and operators on shore:

  • The unique, web-based Remote Configuration Tool provides full control of all SkyFile Mail configurations, from billing rates to sub-account management.
  • The Application Programmer Interface (API) enables various applications or management programs to dispatch & receive data files via SkyFile Mail.
  • SkyFile Notification of Arrival & Departure (NOAD) enables users to create and transmit electronic forms required by the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • The 24-hour Non Delivery Notifi cation (NDN) function automatically informs the sender if messages are not retrieved by the recipient.
  • SkyFile Mail's multi-user component can be used by a group of people with individual, password-protected sub-account names, even within a Local Area Network (LAN).
  • The split billing function sorts communications traffic into cost centers (owner, operator, charter company) to facilitate re-billing.
Prepaid Messaging for Crew Communications

SkyFile Mail is a multifunctional tool that offers even additional flexibility for crew communications:

  • Versatility: customer can use the same software for post-paid & prepaid messaging such as email, fax and SMS via Inmarsat and Iridium terminals.
  • Minimal administration: with our Universal Card , users need only one card for phone and email communications. Users can create their own prepaid sub-account.
  • Flexibility: enables users to configure their own prepaid account according to their needs and budget.
  • No restriction in terms of volume or number of messages: customers can set their own restrictions if required.
  • Transparent prepaid functionality: credit balance and remaining time are updated in real time. Each user has access to their individual call logs.
Optimize your data rates

SkyFile Mail is available at sea, on land and in flight on all Inmarsat services (except Inmarsat C) as well as on XChange, Iridium, Thuraya and Pharostar, click here for more information ...

  • FleetBroadband : simultaneous voice, broadband data at speeds up to 432 kbps and streaming video up to 256 kbps.
  • Iridium OpenPort : simultaneous voice, data and streaming video up to 128 kbps.
  • Fleet family : voice, fax, ISDN data up to 128 kbps and MPDS compliant with the GMDSS.
  • Iridium Maritime : voice, fax and data up to 9.6 kbps.
  • Inmarsat B: voice, fax, data up to 64 kbps and compliant with the GMDSS.
  • Inmarsat Mini M: satellite phone for voice, fax & data up to 2.4 kbps.
  • Iridium Handhelds  9505A 95559575 : voice, fax and data up to 9.6 kbps with a pole-to-pole coverage.
  • Pharostar™ : with an always-on connection, it provides simultaneous voice and data communication at up to 1024 kbps.
  • BGAN all terminals : simultaneous voice, broadband data up to 492 kbps, video streaming at 384 kbps and up.
  • ThurayaIP : broadband data up to 444 kbps and video streaming at up to 384 kbps, through a highly compact terminal.
  • GAN: voice, fax and data up to 64 kbps.
  • SwiftBroadband: simultaneous voice, broadband data up to 432 kbps and video streaming up to 128 kbps.
  • Swift: voice, fax, ISDN up to 64 kbps or MPDS for cabin.
  • Thuraya Handhelds : voice, fax, GPS and data at up to 60 kbps with the GmPRS option.
What's new    

Advanced messaging tool SkyFile Mail

SkyFile® Mail v8.20 and higher is now available in two versions: SkyFile Mail Classic, the popular, free messaging tool, and the new SkyFile Mail Premium, which provides newly enhanced features for business users at a competitive rate.

Discover new features of SkyFile Mail Premium:

Improve business efficiency and crew welfare with our new SkyFile Mail Premium - while still benefitting from the well-known user-friendly interface and all the features of SkyFile Mail Classic.

  • Compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird or other POP3/SMTP clients: No need to change your existing email tool or settings - SkyFile Mail is now compatible with standard email software such as Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. Keep your familiar email environment and interface combined with the powerful possibilities and features of the SkyFile Mail engine.
  • Receive emails on the spot: With the automatic notification push feature, emails will be delivered immediately without any manual actions and without being held in the mailbox on shore.
  • Enhance crew communications over Iridium OpenPort: Use SkyFile MyMail and split billing feature - now also with Iridium OpenPort.
  • Connect to SkyFile Mail over non-satellite connections: Access SkyFile Mail from shore in addition to onboard usage. To reduce communications costs you can use SkyFile Mail via 3G, WiFi or Wimax.
  • Benefit from extra-long SMS: Send and receive long SMS messages with up to 1500 characters - a cost efficient alternative to emailing or fax.
  • Improve cost control with the advanced call detail viewer & split billing file: View call data immediately and export into CSV files, offering better cost control.
  • Decide which emails should be received onboard and which should remain in quarantine: All suspicious emails are stored in the quarantine file until shipping companies decide which ones should be delivered onboard - saving costs of potentially unwanted mails or spam.
  • Manage your SkyFile Mail accounts and CDRs on line: With the soon to come SkyFile Mail Manager onshore web interface you can benefit from an optimized supervision, incl. grouping function, quarantine mode, creation of notification and many more.

New functions for SkyFile Mail Classic:

  • Reduce risk of unwanted traffic and costs: The integrated BDU access command allows users to automatically start/stop the IP-session from SkyFile Mail.
  • Flexible and improved connectivity for 3rd party apps, such as ship management applications, through improved API function.
  • Direct access to SkyFile eNOAD from SkyFile Mail: With a simple click, masters or administrators can conveniently use SkyFile eNOAD, without changing the program or software.
  • Enhance supervision of sub accounts: Masters can easily select and manage sub-account types like corporate accounts for better control of usage.
  • Enhance filtering rules for corporate & private sub-accounts: Captains can choose to restrict sending and/or receiving of emails.
SkyFile® Mail split billing now also available for Iridium

SkyFile® Mail Split Billing is now available for Iridium Postpaid (with & without Rudics) and Iridium Captain Calls (with & without Rudics).

The Split Billing option allows users to receive in their monthly bill specific data for each message instead of general list of SkyFile Mail data calls. This includes the clear listing of the sender and recipient's address, transmission time per email etc. To facilitate re-billing, users can sort communications traffic into cost centers such as owner, operator and charterer.

In addition to Iridium services, the Split Billing function is available on all Inmarsat E & E services, for Inmarsat MPDS and IP terminals.

To activate Split Billing with Iridium, please contact  EX4U Telecom Customer Care.  You will be required to provide your SkyFile Mail account and Iridium MSISDN references.

   Software is free of charge.  No monthly fees or license costs
Service activation Procedure   To activate SkyFile Mail or to learn more about EX4U Telecom Solutions, contact  your key account manager  or  Customer Care

EX4U Telecom experts provide SkyFile training for end users, service providers and fleet managers.

Contact Customer Care for more information.